• Hi, I have 1 normal leaflet map and im trying to put in a windy map along side, I can get them working together but I lose the windy calendar, I hear that its to do with the leaflet.css file, if I comment out leaflet.css my leaflet map is completely unusable with tiles all over the place not in the right order, I also still don't get the calendar in windy, im using the api. is there a way to get a normal leaflet map and a windy map working along side each other, or is the calendar bug separate? ive checked this on edge and chrome and both are not working.


  • API developers

    I think that may be because you are putting a windy map after having a leaflet map. Why don't you try to do the other way around? Create the windy map first and than put the leaflet map (and other tiles) into it.

  • thanks for your help that worked, we also had an issue with bootstrap css setting progress bar to width 0%, all is working good now

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