A few important questions...

  • I upload data from two stations to Windy, and am hoping this website will take over from the floundering Weather Underground. I have three questions: -

    1. Is it possible to upload past data to Windy? I have over 10 years of data.

    2. When I tap my stations within my Windy favourites, how can I see my rainfall data?

    3. Why is pressure not visible on my mobile app? It shows on my iPad and PC.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • @WessexWeather Need to bump this up as answers to the above questions are important to me (and probably others).

    Another question: My weather data is uploaded every 5 minutes, and automatic refreshes confirm this. However in the “About this Station” section to the right of the meteogram it says “Reporting time: 60m, avg delay: 30m”.


  • Meteorologist

    1. You can't upload history. Not much point anyway as only past 30 days worth of data are kept.
    2. No rainfall data is available. It's ingested but not available. Perhaps it will in the future.
    3. Not sure about pressure on mobile. Maybe someone else can answer that.

    Weather upload interval will update after 1 week.

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