• Bug: https://www.windy.com/ uses a clock icon,
    for "about these data".
    That is incorrect. It should use an "i with a circle - information" or "?" icon instead.

    Proof: https://community.windy.com/ uses a clock icon,
    correctly to mean "recent".

    Facebook use of clock icon:

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    This is not a bug, this is intentional until the Windy team decide otherwise.

    Clicking this icon shows when the most recent update was, and when the next update is expected, so it is a time related function.

    OFFICIAL WARNING: @jidanni you have previously been warned and issued a temporary ban. If you continue to unnecessarily troll the Windy community this will result in a permanent ban.

  • Sailor Moderator

    You have left here about 50 messages all critical.
    You cannot be positive from time to time??
    Do you feel better in the morning when you have found a way to criticize one or two more things? I hope that around you you have created a wonderful world without any flaws (in your opinion)
    As told @jmh2002 you take the risk to be definitely banish from this forum.

  • @idefix37 yes, windy is 99% great. I'm just trying to file some simple bug reports. Perhaps I don't know the correct place to file them (github?). Here is another one that I found, there are words cut off at the bottom of the screen (on the m line), and tapping the X does not reveal them, because the X has a different action. The screenshot is from the Android app. Please tell me the proper place to file such bug reports.
    I will append a picture in a moment.
    Yes, it is true my tone of voice was bad in the past. But from now on they will be just simple bug reports.

  • Screenshot_20190819-014448.jpg

  • Sailor Moderator

    If you find a real bug, of course you can report it in the « Bug reports » section.
    But for example your message above about clock icon is absolutely not a bug !
    And of all the messages you posted, most are not bugs but just negative comments.
    Hope you have understood the community message.

  • (I'm thinking about which github.../windycom/.../issues place it would be better for me to report things like the numbers cut off in in above image in. As GitHub issues lists are all simple defect reports.) (One can also see above the X that there is some other red square obscured.)(Anyway, with GitHub if I guessed wrong about a bug, like with the clock, the project members can simply say it was intentional and close it.)

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