Show Windspeed instead of temp?

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    My Windy map was showing windspeeds underneath the place names when I had the wind layer selected. I then tried looking at a few other layers, but now when I go back to showing the wind layer again, it only will show temperatures under the place names? How I get it to show the wind values?

  • @kiwiandy, check to make sure you still have “forecasted weather” selected on the “layers” selector in the bottom right corner.

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    Yes it is set for "forecasted weather. I can get a "Spot" windspeed, but not underneath each city/town as previously.!
    2019-08-20 08_55_35-Windy_ Display on map.png

  • You do not have the "Forecasted Weather" layer selected. It is in small toolbar above the ECMWF / GFS control in the lower right. Click the icon with the partly cloudy sun. It looks like you have the "Empty map" layer (X) selected instead.

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    Awesome thanks very much, that did it.
    I could have sworn I went through and clicked all those icons... but im away now.
    Appreciate your help!

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