• I have a TMS layer I want to use instead of the windy base layer, map.baseLayer.setUrl allows me to change the base map easily but how can I set the tms property so it shows correctly otherwise the maps images are all mixed up


  • ok so I was able to get a tms layer working by doing this
    map.baseLayer.options.tms = true;
    map.baseLayer.options.maxZoom = 18;
    map.baseLayer.options.minZoom = 2;
    map.baseLayer.options.opacity = 0.50;
    map.baseLayer.options.attribution = 'NOT TO BE USED FOR NAVIGATION'

    but the opacity doesn't seem to be registering so I don't see any windy weather also the attribution isn't shown.

    Any help on this would be appreciated, I know the tiles are full on images but if there is a level of transparency then I should see some weather behind it, I also don't mind being aggressive with the transparency to show the weather better


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