• Windy is an amazing web app. However, I wish it were easier to see the current reported temperatures (and other conditions) and nearby weather stations. Right now there seem to be two options.

    1. Display the forecast for your location by clicking the down arrow in the weather picker. Then you must scroll the forecast to the right to see the nearby weather stations. Most of them are unnamed, so it is not clear which one I want to choose.

    2. Alternatively I can choose the "Reported temperature" layer and then zoom in multiple times to see the various station near me. That will let me see the temp, but to see the details, I need to click the actual station to display the details panel at the bottom.

    Given that lots of folks care about the current weather (in addition to the forecasted weather), I think it would be nice to have an option to quickly display the details of the stations around me.

    Perhaps you can designate a single station as you location's station and its current conditions easily.

    Am I missing something?

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    @btschumy Hi, yes you described it well and didn't miss anything. Currently, this is not in the plan, but this might change as we plan to develop the functionality of Windy Stations.

  • Tom,

    Thanks for the response. I realize Windy is not your typical weather site, but one common use of weather sites must be to see the current conditions before heading out the door. I will watch for further development along these lines.

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