Radar and Real-Time Lightning consistency?

  • Hello!

    I´m a great weather fan, and a great admirer of this project. Sorry if this has been discussed before, as I couldn´t find it on the search.

    I have been keeping track of storms in real life from my own balcony, while at the same time watchinf lWindy´s real time ightning strikes. (better than tv for sure).

    Really cool watching the strikes on the screen and the buzz they make, but what I´m seeing is that, sometimes, the real-life lightning in the general direction Windy , shows and its propagating sound wave will seem to really coincide with what I´m watching and hearing on real life; other times, most actually though, I find they differ a lot.

    I have even seen very strong lightning with almost immediate rolling thunder that was just not shown at all.

    So Is this inconsistency due to what´s available now in terms of lightning detection technology and internet data delays?

    This is not a criticism, I just want to learn more about this feature.

    Fabiano - Italy

  • @Fabiano Hi, thank you for your message. We are using data for lightning and thunderstorms on this link below:

    Lightning and thunderstorms in real life

    As you can see on the left side is time with delays. Barbora, Windy

  • Thank you Barbora, I will try to check this other during the next thunderstorm and see if I notice better consistency!

    Happy weather,

  • @BarboraSamkova Are the delays just the propagation time to your location due to the speed of sound or a detection time error? Or is it something else?

  • Hi @wmccrack, the delays are time when the radar records all the processes. If you want more information please contact them directly.

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