New weather station (pws) tagged as duplicate of EGPN but isn't!

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    ![alt text](Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 09.29.34.png image url)

    Last night (19th August 2019) I started uploading to from my weather station in the West End of Dundee ( Windy is showing my data but while last night my station showed up as one of the nearest in Dundee it now does not and there is a message saying it is a duplicate station.

    We are close to EGPN but at higher altitude and have quite different local conditions since we are away from the very exposed river location that EGPN is in.

    It would be nice if my station data could appear as an option to anyone looking at Dundee and also that it showed up in Searches for "Dundee West End".

    Can anyone advise?

    Many thanks,


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    @gjbarton It seems that you are too close to the weather station. I suggest adjusting the location of your station and shifted a bit from the EGPN station.

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    Thanks for your suggestion!

    Interestingly, when you click on EGPN you get my station data not EGPN. Maybe they should shift ;-)

    Seriously though, is there a minimum distance in lat/long/altitude between two stations on I'm reluctant to fiddle with the reported lat/long for mine. I often compare to EGPN as the differences between the airport on the river (EGPN) and my station which is up the hill and in town are often interesting.

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    Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 09.49.34.png

    I also get this a lot when clicking on local stations... endless loading sighn.. Maybe having two stations close has broken something? The Airport and mine both reported fine last night when I first set up my pws to upload but it stopped overnight.


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    Most of the airport stations report METAR and SYNOP also. Therefore two stations close to each other are considered duplicate.

    As long as you are able to click on your station a see your detail I think this is just cosmetic issue


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    @ivo OK thanks. It is nice to be able to see my data with your interface and there is a consistent way to get there.

    One other thing though if I zoom in to the station (street map), the text that identifies it is nearly invisible (this is using Firefox web browser). If I click on the station identifier, the view then zooms out to give a broad view of Scotland.

    Is this expected behaviour or just something particular to PWSs?

    Thanks again for your help and for the superb service with its fabulous graphics.


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