The easiest way to check the weather!

  • Do you think this is the easiest weather website? Or something else? Why?

  • It depends on what information you want. For the average "guy off the street" I don't think Windy is the particularly easy to use. They just want to see:

    • What the current temperature is
    • What the predicted high and low temperature is
    • Whether and when it is going to rain or snow today

    Windy makes that somewhat hard to find. As I posted in a thread yesterday, you have to drill down a bit to find this.

    However, for a weather enthusiast, Windy is quite easy to use to use. I find the interface fantastic for digging into what is going to be happening.

    I realize there is supposed to be a popup in the upper left that shows a quick 3 day forecast, but I find it doesn't always display for me despite having that option checked. The Quick Forecast also only shows highs whether it will rain sometime that day. That is not quite enough information in my opinion. By clicking it you get the more detailed display, but that is probably more than most people want.

    Not every site is going to be all things to all people. The Windy developers have obviously focused more on the "enthusiasts". That is a fine decision but I suspect it means that the bulk of the population will not choose Windy as their "go to " weather site.

  • I am a weather type guy and I feel like this is the easiest. Thanks for replying!

  • I'm a contractor in the US, weather dictates what I do day to day, sometimes hour to hour. I have searched forever to find a full screen radar page that loads fast with no clutter and and no ads all over the place. I also use a start page on my browser and this can be embedded into that page and is always current with out a refresh. When I click on the link itself that I have set my area to, it loads right away, no waiting. As for local forcast, I use, but their radar is horrid and loads slow.

    WIndy load time is less that 1 second for every test I have run. They do have some errors that could be sorted but that is for IE, Safari, and a few Android versions.

    Imo This is by far the absolute best out there. Granted I mainly use the radar, but I like the fact that I can also see real time lightning strikes and wind direction and speeds.

    As far as ease of use, for me it is quite straightforward. The sidebar to set the layers I want to use is a plus. But for others it might be somewhat confusing.

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