Windy black style marketing?

  • What a freaking popup did I just see while opening in browser.
    I mean - wow...what the hack.
    I personally like both apps and use them occasionally, they both have nice features and their strong sides, but IMO even if you guys have internal issues - this is not a proper way to communicate this to the public. Come on?! You can do better than this!

    P.S BTW are you guys having russian phobia or something? I think I saw 3 or 4 times a word "russian" in that single modal popup...kinda funny though. Your marketing department must be something.


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    Unfortunately users regularly post in this forum requesting support and refunds after paying (mistakenly?) for the blue icon app.

    The blue icon app is described as Russian to clearly differentiate this app from the Official Windy app. Windy was founded in Czechia:

    Please see the following thread of you have further questions:

    Have you been tricked by the phony Windy app? This is how to get your money back.

  • @jmh2002

    Thanks for a quick reply. I have no intention to refund, so I would prefer to continue on my topic and discuss my concerns if I may.

    How come is that your concern when it comes to refund for some third party app and why are you so eager about it?
    And how can you publish an official announcements stating some negative opinion about third partly companies no matter where they come from on Earth?
    I wonder if are familiar with business ethics at all no matter where your business comes from, Europe, Asia or USA - ethics comes first, right?

    As a frequent user, I personally don't want to see banners like the one attached above on my screen - stating some rubbish and reflecting your internal business issues with some concurrent companies or third-party groups your have some under-table relations with.

    Once again - this is NOT A PROPER way to communicate you concerns and definitely not a proper way to do marketing/advertising. This is me speaking as your long-time loyal customer.
    This is way out of your league. Please do better. I always had a faith in you, don’t make me regret it.

    Please take no offence, and I hope my message will find its way to someone responsible for PR on your company.
    Thank you for your time!

  • Hello, Red icon Windy app developers!
    As far as I know there is no any official or unofficial "Windy" app. There are two "Windy" application with similar but different functionality. In our kite circles we call your app as "Red Windy" and the second one as "Blue Windy". No one court has decided it's an exclusive name.

    But I agree with topic starter that this way to differ the applications is too aggressive and look like Russian phobia.

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    @jmh2002 said in Windy black style marketing?:

    Please see the following thread of you have further questions:

    Have you been tricked by the phony Windy app? This is how to get your money back.

    As I wrote, please see the Official thread regarding this subject and post your thoughts there please, thank you.

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    The Windy users, that have been tricked to pay them complain to us. They think that we are crooks. No we are not crooks. If you install the last version of Russian Windy app they offer you 7 days trial, but after 7 days, instead of politely asking you if you want to continue, they charge your credit card automatically. And the "7 day trial button" is so big, that it is almost impossible to skip it for inexperienced user.

    What a nasty tactic. How ugly behaviour is that.

    The Russian Windy app started with stolen data from Windguru (Windguru owner Vaclav H was too lazy to sue them) and they started with name Windy, just to cannibalize our brand.

    But you are right. We are better than that. I stop this promo.

    There is bigger justice in this World

  • @ivo you certainly acquainted with policy of AppStore/GooglePlay when you subscribe in application Apple/Google will charge you with payment until you explicitly unsubscribe. So you can't sue method of how Blue Windy works.

    Thank you for understanding a point of ineligible way promo.

  • Hi Ivo,

    Thanks for reply, and I'm truly happy for your decision to stop this.

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