Done and web navigation buttons unreadable on iOS app

  • In the iOS app version of Windy, when viewing web pages like the community forums, the Done and navigation button are almost unreadable.


    Note that they are more readable here only because of the scaled up image.

    Can you either change the tint color of the buttons in iOS, or change the background of the bottom bar to something lighter. I sot of noticed the Done button, but it has only been recently that I realized there was a "back" button on the right.

  • @btschumy Hi, thank you for your feedback, but we are not able to change it right now. Best regards, Barbora

  • That surprises me a bit. I’m an iOS developer and that kind of change should be extremely simple. It is a change to the app code rather than the web code.

    Anyway, I would appreciate it if you could add it to a TODO list to be addressed at some point.

  • @btschumy we appreciate your reply, we'll try to figure out some changes in the future. Barbora

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