Pin units (l/km^2) is questionable

  • Hi,
    I love the app - very cool and visual with a lot of data!

    I discovered that when you tap the screen to drop a pin in thunderstorm display, the units seem to be wrong. I think it should be mm/m^2 instead of km^2.

    Check it out on the image attached.

    Keep up the great work! You're helping me a lot with planning for mountaineering trips!

  • @AndiDuen Hi, thank you for your message. Unfortunately our units are right, about the numbers it is basically estimate from mathematics model. The more important in thunderstorm display are colours.

  • Sailor Moderator

    In Thunderstorms layer, l/km2 means lightning per square kilometer.
    The amount of rain is in mm or in inches, but never mm/m2. Sometime one uses l/m2 (liter per square meter).

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