Atlantic - Tropical depression threatens Dominica

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    A low pressure (99L) area is moving westwards over the Atlantic and a tropical depression or storm is likely to form during the coming days. Although models don't predict a powerful phenomena, the storm could triggers intense rainfall over the Lesser Antilles and most particularly Dominica which is still recovering from hurricane Maria (Cat5, Sept. 2017).

    Dominica is very sensitive to rain, especially after the aftermath of hurricane Maria. In 2015, tropical storm Erika brought intense rainfalls over the tiny island. The resulting floodings and mudslides killed at least 25 people.

    As some local media and officials already advised, I think people living in the area of Lesser Antilles/windward islands should monitor carefully this low pressure area.

    The 2019 hurricane season has been very quiet so far, at least in the Atlantic bassin! Let's hope it stays like this until October!

    Screenshot from Saturday 24th, 2019, 17:00 UTC, Wind accumulation for the next 10 days.

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    Invest 99L is now named Tropical Storm Dorian by NHC which confirms the Wind accumulation shown by Windy:


    It could reach the Hurricane level on Tuesday, very close to lesser Antilles.
    However the last runs of ECMWF and GFS show that Dorian could weaken before hitting these islands.

    BTW it should be really useful that Windy developers change the way how islands are named. I find ridiculous to show first the name of the main town of an island (or a small country) rather than the name of the island. This name appears in italic letter only when zooming to details.

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    Yes it's a storm now! But a it's a very small one at least. Its convection area is very small and thunderstorms appear to be quite small compared to other typical tropical storms. However at this moment thunderstorms tops are reaching FL450. That represents a lot of water that could surely cause flash floods and mudslides...

    Satellite imagery showing the size of the storm and thunderstorm tops

    People from Guadeloupe to Grenada should be extremely careful regarding floodings, wind gusts and also waves caused by this little storm.

    AROME wind accumulation for the next 42 hours, showing gusts up to 130 km/h

    And ahah yes I didn't notice that about island names :)

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