Another reason to stay away from wildfires. Being hit by fire retardant drop would hurt A LOT

  • photo:CAL FIRE;desc: Fire retardant drops;

    A short video CAL FIRE tweeted yesterday shows why it’s really bad idea to get close to wildfires.

    Although watching the destructive power of nature can be an appealing spectacle, it’s also very dangerous one - and not just because of the fires themselves. The closures of affected areas are definitely not made to give firefighters some privacy.

    The rescue work itself can be dangerous for bystanders, especially a fire retardant drops. And those are not only done into active fires to extinguish them, but also close to fires, to prevent them from spreading. Don't think it would feel like getting a heavier rain shower.

    photo: CAL FIRE;desc: The effect of 9,000 pounds of fire retardant test drop

    Just watch the effect of the 9,000 pounds of fire retardant test drop out of the S-2 below and imagine what up to 170,000 pounds drop from VLAT would do to you.

    This test was w/ 9,000 pounds of fire retardant. Imagine what could happen w/ a 170,000 pound low drop. Aircraft flying through smoke can have a difficult time seeing you. Help alleviate risk. Be aware of your surroundings.

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