• I'm fed up with the dialogue window who open on your site with unverified catastrophic information and assertions lacking a scientific basis.
    And I'm sick of seeing Greta's rich cruise, an ignorant kid talking like a dictator seed. If I am afraid of the future, it's not about climate, we have the technology to face it. But I am really afraid about ecologist who are ignorant and worshiper of the past.
    Open an history book and look for the "marvellous" past :
    drought, or flood disasters,
    pollution of all the rivers that were sewers,
    weak harvests, famines, epidemics, all sorts of diseases,
    work 12 to 14h per day, no holidays,
    12 children per woman for 2 or 3 survivors as adults
    Do you want the past back for your children ???????

  • @KassyR Here's what I do: Ignore the catastrophism, and enjoy/use the windy app.

  • Moderator

    Like you said, past wasn't that good. We've improved a lot our life condition over the years. Does it mean we have to stop thinking and stop improving it? I don't think so.

    It's true, some ecologists are more or less extreme in their visions. But there are some important facts however, among others: Climate is changing too quickly for a lot of species to survive, and we are killing the oceans with plastic and overfishing. And this comes from scientists from all over the world. I saw with my own eyes a part of the north atlantic plastic vortex last year while sailing from Europe to the Caribbean and we got stuck in that thing for three days. This isn't catastrophism but something real. So yeah we might have some technology "ready for it" and somehow some of us will cope with all that shit... By the way, please send scientific articles about this because so far i've never heard of anything (coming from serious researches, I'm like you and try not to make assumptions) that could clean up that mess or regulate effectively global temperatures...

    But anyway, you can't blame people because they try to awake consciences, even if you sometimes don't agree with them. You can't blame them because they fight for a better future. Because this is precisely what you wrote : "Before it was shit actually". So yeah, it means that one day some people thought that sewage you were talking about, going directly into rivers, was a bad idea in the past and you agreed with it obviously. And for sure at that time some people were like "I'm fed up with your waste of money. This river is flowing to the ocean anyway". I think you contradict yourself in a way.

    Moreover, regarding the app... It won't be possible to find a weather app / website not talking about global warming and the fact that we should change certain things. Because climatologits see the real crap with their own eyes as well through their studies and data. They're on the front line and they're actually the ones who first sounded the alarm. So trying to find good weather info and data without the catastrophic or realistic part is kind of contradictory as well in my opinion.

    Stay safe,

  • Sailor Moderator

    I agree with you !

  • I totaly agree...

  • If you don't want to see someone or something, just don't look at it. You have the freedom to choose, nobody is forcing you at gunpoint to watch, listen, or read about scientific evidence. And if there is so much coverage of a topic that makes you feel uncomfortable, you may want to contemplate the possibility that you just might be confronted with information which is contrary to what you have been thinking is correct. If environmentalism is scientifically incorrect, don't just say so, prove it.

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