How To Use The "Observation vs Forecast" Feature

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    Windy has a feature called "Observation vs Forecast" which was announced here in Jan 2019:

    This feature enables you to compare what the "Weather Station Observed" with what the various "Forecast Models Predicted" during the last few days.

    This feature works with all of the Models that Windy uses (location dependant): ECMWF, GFS, NEMS, ICON-EU, AROME, NAM and enables the user to check how often the Forecast Models 'got it right'.

    To use this feature:

    • Open Windy to the desired location, eg:,29.237,-62.540,5
    • Select Reported Wind at bottom right to display all Weather Stations
      (I also used the Outdoor Map Layer for clarity, but it's not essential)
    • Select the Weather Station, eg: I chose Bermuda Airport
    • Select the Forecast Model, at bottom left
    • Select the desired period in the Timeline
    • The grey floating box displays the Observation vs Forecast
      (and some basic colour coding to indicate Right / Ok / Wrong)

    2019-08-29 09.38.32 - Photos.jpg


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