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    Windy has a feature called "Compare'.

    This feature enables you to Compare all of the available Forecast Models to each other during the next few days.

    This feature works with all of the Models that Windy uses (location dependant): ECMWF, GFS, NEMS, ICON-EU, AROME, NAM and enables the user to Compare the Forecast across all of the available Models to try and understand what pattern has the highest likelihood of occuring (eg: 3 models forecast Rain, 1 model doesn't)

    To use this feature:

    • Open Windy to the desired location, eg: Prague, CZH
    • Click on the Map at your chosen location to show the Forecast
      (or just open directly from Windy Favourites or Browser URL)
    • I also selected the Rain Layer for this example, but it's not essential
    • Select Compare at bottom centre
    • All available Models will now be displayed enabling them to be easily Compared by choosing a period in the Timeline and viewing the weather conditions from each Model in a vertical orientation

    2019-08-29 09.55.43 - Windy_ CZE_ Prague weather forecast - Google Chrome.jpg

    2019-08-29 09.58.04 - Windy_ Compare GFS, ECMWF, NEMS - Google Chrome.jpg

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