• I see MANY post in regard to Windy showing incorrect wind speed data, that is in fact why I am here as well.

    With so many post on this issue it is obviously a problem for many users, so why not simply provide an overlay showing the wind values expected and seen at many different sites and apps.

    Windy clearly shows future storm track/hurricane path information by date and time so it is getting data. Simply provide and overlay with minimal hurricane data at the shown times, which of course other apps seem to get and I would assume is readily available as it is only a prediction and not needed to be 100% firm.

    I understand you may have a "Hurricane Tracker" which may not be available for Android and I don't know whether it provides this information.

    However I have to believe most people would be happy to see something as simple as "Cat4 145mph 160gusts" when looking at the current app path, which should curtail the many post regarding wrong wind speed as well as new users, myself included, trying to seek out the issue with this information; Many of whom probably will not take the time to post and simply chalk the lack of info as a loss and move to something else.

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    Yes this information is already available in a simple format in the Hurricane Tracker (see screenshot below).

    However unfortunately the Hurricane Tracker is not yet available within the mobile apps.

    You can still view it in a browser on a mobile device. Bookmark / Add to Browser Favourites and Mobile Home Page: https://www.windy.com/-Hurricane-tracker/hurricanes?/

    The Hurricane Tracker will be added to the mobile apps when resources permit (Windy currently has vacancies for iOS/Android developers).

    However I believe that it is still important to note that there are many useful but also complex and expert level tools and data available via Windy, therefore the user must always still take care:

    • To understand what information they are displaying and viewing
    • To understand from where and when the information was sourced
    • To understand what this information actually means.

    Comparing Forecast data with Actual data can be a common mistake.

    Hope this helps :)

    alt text

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  • @jmh2002 While that's all fine and good, that doesn't really help as to be frank I'm not looking for fun or to be a meteorologist I'm looking out of concern of safety and damage.

    That said, as mentioned the hurricane tracker is not in the Android app and furthermore I don't believe a user should have to go to the mobile webpage/pc to see the hurricane tracker. And again while that page does indeed seem to provide a lot of information, during an emergency of an impeding hurricane potentially making landfall in my area I only want/need to know where and the predicted speed/category as mentioned.

    Having a simple overlay with that would be the MOST helpful, 1 line of text is quick and easy to consume, but even the tracker in the Android app would be nice.

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