How to use a route planner

  • I guess this way:

  • Can I save my Route Planner Selections and then pull them up again later to work with them again? Or do I need to re-enter the points?

    Thank you.

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    @Sunsets Hi, you can download a file with your way points or enter them again if you want to have the same route.

  • @ivo Hi Ivo, tks about the route planner. When I export GPX file and import on Navionics, it's says the file is corrupted. Do y know if it is a bug?

  • Hello,
    When will the route planner be available on Android (if ever) ?
    I would love to use it on my smartphone instead of laptop, because I mainly use Windy this way, particularly when I am outdoor for paragliding, but to date I can only get the basic geometrical info (distance, bearing, etc).
    Would be nice if I could get all this nice route details for VFR when I am right on the take-off location, planning a cross-country flight, and hesitating between different paths.
    Apart from this, thanks for bringing Windy up to this excellent level, definitely the best weather forecast app, I am happy to contribute to premium access ! :-)
    Best Regards

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    As @marekd said here:
    « It is almost impossible to make route planner available at mobile phones due to the complexity of the UI and its control »

  • @idefix37 OK, thanks a lot for this answer

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    @Steph-D and @idefix37

    You can try my flight planner plugin so long ( I am experimenting with the route planner, probably still unstable. As @marekd says, difficult with mobile, you need a microscope to use it on a mobile phone.

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    I should make a boat version!

  • Sailor Moderator

    Yes it seems quite easy. Just a simplified version of the flight planner.

  • @rittels right - if route planning should be of any help for sailors, polar charts are essential. You would need a polar table editor and import/export functionality. Polar charts for several yacht types are available, however any modifaction (e.g. different sail) results in a different polar.
    Look at squid-sailing as a working example (my preferred choice for routing, also unfortunately very clumsy). To make it useful in coastal waters, you would also need maps with water depth, current and tide information.
    Would love to see that in windy!

  • The route planning is nice, but how does it work? It only shows the wind conditions from the starting point of the trip. But when I move to a waypoint 24h ahead, I want to see the wind conditions at that moment, not from 24h ago. Moving with a slow boat on a trip that takes a full week, I need a dynamic change of the wind conditions over time. Is it somehow possible to make that work?

    Just to avoid a misunderstanding: I'm talking about the table in the lower half with the trip overview. The table does not show the wind conditions at the corresponding time and place, but only the wind conditions from the starting time.

  • Sailor Moderator

    The Route planner does not show the wind conditions at the starting point but the wind FORECAST at the moment when you create the Route planner. Obviously 24h later the wind forecast will have been updated. But unless you keep your laptop open all the time, it will need to relaunch the Route planner and automatically with the new wind conditions. Windy cannot predict what will be the new weather forecast by the model 24h in advance !

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    @viatormarine @idefix37

    Hi, just to avoid confusion:

    The Windy route planner, that you reach with the context menu, can be edited, you can move the time slider and it will update and the speed.

    For the Flight planner plugin: You have to create your route with the picker buttons and edit it with left hand menu, you can set speed and altitude and departure time. You can then read the weather for the points along the route,. Then, you can superimpose the route planner on the route, by clicking the R Planner button, not by clicking the route planner in the context menu. Once the route planner is superimposed, you cannot (or should not) edit the route. First close it again, change the route, and reopen it.

    I borrowed the routeplanner for my plugin, because it is really cool. However, the result is still somewhat buggy. If it hangs, perhaps refresh the page and try again.

    Perhaps , to avoid confusion, discuss the plugin here:

  • Sailor Moderator

    I have moved our own discussion to this topic.

  • @idefix37 sorry, but this is nonsense. Windy does show a forecast for more than 7 days. You can see the wind now, in 24h, in 2 days, etc. - so a route planer would only make sense, if it shows the wind at the specific location (waypoint) at the time when you are there. This is the information you are looking for. All real route planers are doing this.

  • @rittels I'm talking about the table with the overview about the route. It should show the forecasted wind for any waypoint at the time when you pass by the waypoint. Only then you can evaluate a route. It is a normal feature of all route planers.

    If I'm at a waypoint in 24h, then I want to see the wind in 24h and not now. The table should provide this overview. Then you could play with the starting point to find the best starting time to have favourable winds on the route.

    If I have to scroll through the route every time to see the wind changes, then it is not a useful tool.

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    @viatormarine Make sure speed is selected on, switched to the right.

  • @rittels I did, I added 5kn boat speed. Please have a look at the screenshot. The table does only show the conditions at the time of departure. But the conditions should change according to the boat speed, so I see the conditions when I'm at a specific location. Unbenannt.JPG

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    First you must select North up.
    Left to right as shown in your screen shot is used by aviation people and it is a projection of wind direction on an horizontal axis from left to right.
    Then this table must show the weather that you will encounter along the route, not at the starting point.

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