rainfall / Wind accumulation and pressure field

  • Hi,
    when moving from 3 days to five , etc.... the pressure field stay the .same.
    would it be coherent to show then an average of the pressure field on the same span of time , or ?
    anyway thank you very much for your tool

  • Sailor Moderator

    I’m not sure that the averaged pressure field during the time span should be really useful. As the « Wind accumulation » (which is in fact the max gusts field ) being mainly interesting for hurricanes and typhons, it could be, in the same way, the minimum pressure field.
    Frankly, I prefer to have the pressure and wind animation at the observation date to show the phenomenon in relation with the wind accumulation. Wind accumulation is just a way to show the forecasted track. At least you have the possibility to switch off Particle animation and Pressure.

    (with customized colors)

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