Several issues with upgrade to iOS 13

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    With the introduction of iOS 13, we discovered that on some devices, the panning and zooming do not work as expected. After initial testing, it seems that if you switch off the 3D touch, then it should work correctly.

    To switch off you need to go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> 3D & Haptic Touch -> switch off "3D touch". Alternatively, you can search for 3D Touch.

    photo:Windy.comdesc:How to disable 3D Touch.;

    Additionally, it is not possible to open the menu with Airsounding and Route planner because the long touch does not work.

    We are still investigating the problems so if you experienced issues with panning and zooming let us know. Also, tomorrow, Apple will release iOS 13.1, it might fix those issues on Windy application. So let us know if something changes with updating the iOS to 13.1.

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    Hi! I’ve got an iPhone SE and have experienced problems with panning and zooming after upgrading to iOS 13.0. Unfortunately I haven’t got the ability to turn off 3D Touch as my phone doesn’t support it. Hope that updating to iOS 13.1 will help.

  • I also have an SE and have the same problems and inability to change 3D settings.
    I also have noticed that there are similar problems if Safari is used the access Windy Website.
    I have many iPhone apps but so far only Windy appears to suffer.

  • @TomSlavkovsky
    I’ve turned off 3D on my iPhone 7,,just updated to ios13,,,can zoom normally for maybe 5 seconds, then it stops again,, feel free to email me

  • @TomSlavkovsky

    I disabled 3D and I still cannot disable or pan.

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    try to update to 13.1 the panning and zooming now work. The problem with long touch and double tam remain and it's a bug on Apple.

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