• Hello ,
    sorry for my poor english , I load some plugins ( airspace , density altitude and sun position ) airspace never show the airspaces and more , when I shut down windy all plugins disapears .
    I have tryed loading a few time but each time the same !
    Did someone have an issue ?
    ps: my desktop works on win 7 pack1 and tablet Huawei mediapad M3 lite 10 andoid 7
    Thanks for your help , have a nice day

  • Code contributor | Premium


    thanks for using the plugins. Airspaces, DA and traj should be working now, or soon. Flightplanner I am still fiddling with.

    It has to do with change in CSS.

  • Hi,
    I can now see on the left side the choice for airspaces but even when I click on the country and wait 10mn nothing more ... and for DA on the left side just the explanation .
    Sorry for that and many thanks for your fast answer

  • Code contributor | Premium

    Working for me. Maybe the server where the airspaces are kept was down or slow.

    DA place the picker and the DA and elevation should appear.

  • Hi,
    Good morning ,I'm sure tout have a lot work,but this morning.... no way, hélas it's worst. Even after loading the plugins and wait 15mn nothing at all appears. Sorry
    good day, regards

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