Issues after upgrade to iOS 13 will be fixed soon

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    As you probably know iOS 13 introduced some ugly bugs, that degraded function of Windy App. We have reported this issues to Apple and have some good news for you in the meantime:

    • Erratic pan and zoom behavior is fixed in iOS 13.1 so upgrade iOS if you can
    • Contextmenu on long tap will be working again on updated version of Windy App, that is now waiting approval in App Store
    • Double tap to zoom was not yet fixed and we will try to fix it in some new update

    We have also found out that when upgrading from iOS 12 to iOS 13 iPhone will delete all your Windy favourites and settings. Do not lose your settings, register and login (Menu > Login) so we could save all your favourites in the cloud.

    Enjoy Windy App and stay safe


    PS: If you will have still problems with iOS 13 try to disable 3D touch. To switch off you need to go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> 3D & Haptic Touch -> switch off "3D touch". Alternatively, you can search for 3D Touch.

    photo:Windy.comdesc:How to disable 3D Touch.;

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