Animation: Combined Hourly Rainfall Amounts + Thunder + Clouds

  • Hi there,
    Currently the Rain+Thunder and Clouds+Hourly Rainfall Amounts (QPF) are shown as two separate animations. It would be more useful for advanced users to combine these layers into one animation. I also find the brown background shade in the Clouds animation unpleasant to watch, especially because the land and oceans are all in brown. I feel there should be a more "neutral" darker shade, perhaps dark greenish, bluish or grey. Thanks for all your amazing work! I am a big fan

  • Sailor Moderator

    Cloud layer shows already rainfall (not thunder)
    Then you can customize color scale of this layer as you like.
    Go to Settings > Customize color scale > Cloud

  • Thanks. Why not also provide hourly rainfall and the depiction of thunder + the clouds layer all in one? It would provide a more impressive and helpful animation tool.

  • Moderator

    Cloud+rainfall layer comes from forecast models.
    The lightning layer comes from blitzortung project, is a real time observation and is not covering the whole world.

    You cannot combine real time with forecast data.
    Lightning layer provided in conjuction with radar imagery (both are observations, not forecasts).

  • I meant combining only prognostic data! The forecast animations also display convective indices which outline areas of possible convective development and lightning! Thanks

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