Hurricane Lorenzo 2019

  • What do you mean Lorenzo is no threat to land? Its headed for the Azores, which may not be well prepared as they are rarely hit.

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    Please see post and answers, and feel free to post in this topic to avoid multiple topics about the same thing:

    And yes, Acores are on Lorenzo path I agree with you, and of course I consider those islands as "land". They are not "rarely" hit unfortunately. It happens quite often. However they were threaten by a Cat 4 hurricane this time and it was scary. Fortunately, It will most probably be a cat 1 hurricane when it reaches Acores, which is not particularely rare (but of course still dangerous). I hope impacts will be limited.

  • I generally don't like weasel words, but a few like "for the next week" or similar would help here.

  • Wow! looks like Lorenzo is going to dump a load of rain on the Low Countries. Just what your Hurricane tracker said 5 days ago. Couldn't you guys see the great white stripe covering the Azores on that day's Hurricane tracker? Couldn't you trust your own data? I know the "butterfly effect" can happen, but sometimes things can really be predicted substantially in advance.

  • According to the weather channel, Lorenzo is only the 15th hurricane to strike the Azores in the last 180 years. That is once every 12 years, which I would consider not often.

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