"форель" or trout, shows as the name of the village Hemsedal in Norway.

  • Hi everybody:

    I've notice the village where i live, Hemsedal in Noway, has a russian name on the map "форель".
    It made me very curious.
    Is there some russian fly-fisher in the team of developers?

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Thank you for your post, however the place names are not controlled by Windy.

    Please see the following posts about how the map data for Windy is sourced and displayed from www.openstreetmap.org:



    Please also note: For every language, a different place name label can be displayed, so please choose your correct language and data display.

    Further discussion of place name and language issues or disputes should be directed to the OpenStreetMap Forum here: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/index.php > scroll down & select > users: (the relevant country for your dispute and/or question)

    In the case of a political dispute please leave such topics out of the Windy forum and instead focus on the discussion of weather.

    Thank you :)

  • Thanks for the answer, very good and extense. Also showed me another open good tool, that openstreet .Thank you.

    Let me in gratitude tell you my story, briefly.

    Buen rollo, no disputes or political disscusion.

    Is lots of good trout here in Hemsedal and i use Windy (of course) to check if is going to be a good fishing day and.....
    The name of the villige was changed to «trout»!!, written in russian, the rest of the map normal english. how funny!! IT should be a perfect catch day.

    I might raise the issue in that forum perhaps but i just found IT funny and have no especial interest in change it, is a fun codename for Hemsedal.

    Greetings keep the good work

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