Add clustering to Leaflet/Windy map | Javascript

  • I am bound to using Leaflet version 0.7.7 due to use of the Windy API forcing it (I use their map for the weather patterns overlay). As it stands now, I'm wasting a ton of time with clustering functionality. I need this done asap, but I have more important things to work on. It will greatly increase the the load times and redraws to use clustering, but there's not much out there for Leaflet 0.7.7.

    For an experienced developer, this shouldn't take too long. For me, lacking fundamentals, it could take a bit. Success with this opens a door to much more down the road, so please don't waste either of our time and show some pride in the work! Bonuses will be offered based on speed & efficiency.

    I will remain in constant contact so you won't have to wait around for clarity on things.

  • WIndy API uses Leaflet 1.4.x now

  • Administrator

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