Option of moving the Sounding page on the map

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    I would absolutely love it if windy could (from the sounding/ skew Tpage yes I know it's not a skew T) allow you to scroll the sounding to a point on the map and line it up with the arrow on the bottom. What a great option this would be for pilots who like using the Skew t and soundings in quickly discerning an area and be able to move it around to explore a big area quickly!

    Love the work from the Windy people!

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  • Sailor Moderator

    Which device do you use? For me it works on desktop and iPad. When the Soundings window is open, you just need to click on the map and it moves to this place.
    You can change also the time by the arrow keys.
    I can’t imagine having it on a cell phone. On my phone the Soundings window covers almost completely the screen.

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    I'm using it just fine on my Windy app. If you hold your finger down on a place of your choice, a drop down menu will appear with soundings as an option. What I was hoping to do was to be able to to move the map along the pointer at the bottom of the sounding so I could see different areas quickly. Basically as I moved the map across the pointer, the sounding would be able to change with the location on the map rather than exit out of the sounding, click a new place, get the drop down, select sounding etc. It would be a very nice and convenient tool to use.
    I am using a Samsung Note 9

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