Nauseatingly Persistent Discussions

  • Is there any way that Nauseatingly Persistent Discussions like:

    1. "Your map uploads"
    2. "Your animations"
    3. "Would you like to receive Windy Alerts as push notifications to your mobile device?"
    4. and others

    Be moved to another location?

    They keep showing up, and I no longer read them...

    New questions, I do read.

  • Sailor

    You know these topics, you do not have to open them and read them :)

  • 31386032-576d-4a79-a05e-59c08c9dfa94-image.png

  • Thanks for pointing out this function. That is useful.

    It is still useless to upload such fleeting and transitory information, over so long a period of time.

    I would place these on the very first page that opens up when one signs in to Windy.

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