City names overlap marker icons

  • API developers

    Icon of the marker/cluster is sometimes on the front and some times on the back related to the name of locations (exp. cities). As observed, sometimes when the icon of the marker/cluster is placed near the edges of the map, it happens for the icon to be on the back of the city name; while when the icon is relatively far from the edges, it is showing at the front of the city name. Still, it is not always like this. I have not found a particular pattern why this happens.

    The desired option is for the icon to be always on the front.
    The city names are part of the map from windy. I have always put another layer from openstreetmap which is displayed when zooming is more than 10 and in this case, the markers/cluster are always on the front related to the location names.
    I would appreciate some thoughts/help on this.


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