• Hi there. You got a great app just a few things to make it even better

    1. Allow user to specify startup screen. Ie i would like to start always with "thunder rain" screen when opening the app
    2. Allow the user to customize the speed of the play button that future "thunder rain" forecast plays at. Ie 1/2 speed 1/4 speed e.t.c.
    3. Make widgets resizable
    4. Include legends on instructions that help user understand how to read what they're looking at

    Any other suggestions from others? All and all its the most comprehensive radar app out there

  • Add a front layer that can overlay other layers in the way that the isobars and particle wind animations do.

  • Customization is pretty hard to get right... Too much options tend to render apps and services complicated and unusable, which doesn't mean (as I believe) the Windy devs aren't open to add more options if it makes sense.

    Good idea to start this thread, to let the Windy devs find out, what kind of customizations are in greatest demand. I am sure they would implement anything that 10 % of users would find useful.

    So folks, what are your suggestions when it comes to custom options?

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