Search for a location should show US State not County alongwith. Nobody knows the names of counties.

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  • Sailor Moderator

    I fully agree with you. This is the same problem with small countries and small islands:

  • @idefix37 - yes, and the US county names are even more confusing (unusable its the right word to describe it) because the names are overlapping between States, areas and counties.

    Just as an example: Washington State (is a state in USA) MAY NOT have a county called 'Washington county, but I am sure some other US state has 'Washington county'.

    Then, there are mountains with same names in Washington state and Washington county - Red mountain, Iron mountain is so common in United states. If u type in mountain name Red mountain, u have no idea which place windy is giving weather about.

    Thats why most web sites e.g. NOAA, NWS always give 'name of place e.g. Red mountain, name of state e.g. Washington state, name of country (e.g USA)' .. and not county name.

  • If you already know the State the City is in, the County should not be a problem.

  • @JRep65 Pls see the example above. I use windy for mountain weather, and not for cities.

    Re: Cities: Major cities should be way easy in most cases - u don't even need a county or state or even country info. Small/Minor cities - probably have duplicate names, but i never search for them and hence don't know how many duplicates are there.

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