Potential for a Medicane in the Western Mediterranean next week, but it us not depicted on Windy's GFS maps

  • Hi Developers,

    Please note that the GFS has been showing for the last several runs now a medicane developing in the Western Mediterranean. However, equivalent GFS runs on WindyTv do not depict the proper isobaric arrangement and minimum sea-level pressure, which should be significantly lower, as the GFS model shows elsewhere.

    Please view the image from WXChart and the equivalent image from Windy.

    Please fix this issue ASAP, because your maps do not depict Medicanes properly and underestimate the potential for severe weather conditions that are associated with such spectacular and elusive systems...


    GFS WXCHART Oct-23-2019.png ![0_1571481735410_GFS Windy Oct-23-2019.png](Uploading 71%) GFS Windy Oct-23-2019.png

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