Medicane: Heavy rain and wind on the program!

  • photo: ;desc:A medicane forecast

    A medicane seems to be developing in the Mediterranean basin, it could cause torrential rains in Spain and France.

    First of all, what is a "medicane"? It is the contraction of two words: "Mediterranean" and "Hurricane", a Mediterranean hurricane, but it is indeed very different in size, intensity (rarely exceeding the strength of a category 1 tropical hurricane), but there are similarities: a calm wind zone in the centre "the eye" and phenomena of heavy rain and strong wind.

    This type of phenomenon is often observed in autumn and is not uncommon, at the end of September 2018 the medicane Zorbas had hit Greece with winds comparable to tropical storms and waves over 8 metres high causing several cities to flood, including Athens the capital and the disappearance of three people.

    photo:CIMSS;desc: Medicane Zorbas on September 28, 2018;

    The formation of a medicane is possible from 25 October south of Mallorca and then drift to the east before going up towards Sardinia and dissipating to Corsica.

    This phenomena could bring torrential rains in the Balearic Islands, on the French coasts, in Sardinia and Corsica, strong winds are also feared in these areas, it will also bring up warm air from North Africa.;desc: Expected rainfall in mm;;desc: Expected wind in km/h;

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  • Also for italy; i'll follow the threat with the model

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    I think its too early to be sure. Forecasts are changing day by day.
    ECMWF and GFS are not in agreement for the situation (Sat. 26 Oct / 12 Z)

    For medicanes in previous years:
    Nov. 2017
    Sep. 2018

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