Isobare lines disappear once Weather radar or Satilite maps have been shown

  • Have noticed this for a long time already.

    The isobare lines disappear aren't shown on the Weather radar or Satilite maps, that's fine for me.

    When switching the another view (e.g. Wind, Temperature, Clouds) afterwards these lines still are not shown.

    Reloading the page doesn't help but a fresh start via solve this small problem.

    Can see this on Windows 10 using firefox on a daily basis.


  • | Premium

    @BudeII Hi, this is correct behaviour. The reason is the stability of the app. The radar and satellite map are using an enormous amount of resources, so we don't want to overload users device.

  • Sailor Moderator

    When you switch back to Wind, Rain, Clouds... you just need to click on Pressure to display again isobare lines.
    That does not works for you?

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