What's the name of this type of weather phenomenon ?

  • I observe regular strong wind fronts in one direction and then in another separated by a straight line ... What do you call that? How do you explain it?
    Forecast for west Europe today 21 october 18h00 for 25 october 0h00 :
    I understand the principles of depressions and anticyclones but this configuration comes out of these classic models!?
    Thank you for your feedback

  • Sailor Moderator

    If you look at Temperature layer at same date, not at surface but at 850 hPa altitude to get an idea of the air mass temperature, you see that layout
    (Temperature at 850hPa, with customized colors)


    You see the boundary between cold air (white and blue) and warm air (green and yellow) which stands along the sharp change of wind direction in the trough. If you move the time slider, this boundary seems to be a warm front.
    The boundary between the green color area around the 994hPa Low and the yellow color seems to be a cold front.

    The Rain layer seems to confirm these fronts.


    Surface forecast of DWD for same date (but at 12 UTC instead of 00 UTC) is quite similar, with ICON instead of ECMWF model.


  • Moderator

    Warm front

  • Thank you very much for your very clear explanations
    I understand better now and I discover, by the same, the vertical features of windy
    thanks a lot

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