information updating and different devices showing different results

  • Hi myself and colleagues are using some environmental data from windy for a long term marine study. However, we noticed the other day that for the same location and time the data is often different, and the latest updates vary too even when we have refreshed the page.
    I am also having additional problems whereby the windy page on my laptop has been showing completely wrong information for the last week or so, I have even my an account to see if that would help get things back on track but that didnt work either.

    If anyone has any advice that would be great?

    Thanks everyone

  • Sailor Moderator

    Hi, which environmental data do you use, in other words from which layer do you get them? Do you get them from the weather picker or from the Meteogram?
    In the weather picker we know that at same location and time, the data may vary with zoom level. There is often a 10% variation, and more when you are on a high gradient boundary between two zones. This is due to interpolation between gridded data. And for this reason it is better to zoom in.
    Then have you noticed that data, at same time and location, vary when the model update, so you must check about the run time. A part from reported data from weather stations, Windy does not show observed data but only forecasted data.

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