flag on map when extended forcast is opened

  • whenever I click on my favorite to open the extended forecast a flag pops up over my location with information that is neither valid nor helpful (always shows 0dbz) and that I don't want to see when viewing the map. I've tried everything to make it stay closed and I guess I haven't found the right thing to turn off. any help appreciated. thanks.

    LOVE your desktop weather, and app (stopped working for me). it's wonderful.

  • Sailor Moderator

    The information in the flag pop up (weather picker) are useful. When you move the time slider through extended forecast (Meteogram) of your favorite, it shows the forecast weather according to the layer you have chosen. Of course if you choose Weather Radar layer, it may show 0 dbz (if there is no rain observed at your favorite location). But if you select the Wind layer, it shows the wind speed.
    And finally if you don’t want to see it you just need to click on the cross beside the flag.


  • thank you. I understand all of that. I'm trying to bypass the need to close it every single time I open that window. I have carpal tunnel and excess clicks that are unnecessary, as in this instance since I don't want or need the flag, should be avoided so I can continue to work. surely there's a way to turn this flag off until I actually want it. thing is, the wind info is displayed below anyway so the empty data is not useful to me.

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