@AdamMil said in getting a grid or set of results:

It seems like the API only returns information about a single point, but I would like information about multiple points - say 100 points - or even a grid. It seems overly expensive to make 100 API calls. Can you guys add the ability to get multiple results in a single API call?
For example, an array:
[ {"lat":... "lon": ...}, {"lat":... "lon": ...}, ... ]
or a grid:
"region": { "minLat": 41, "maxLat": 42, "minLon": 120, "maxLon": 122, "interval": 0.1 }

If the API does not support batch requests, you can retrieve data for each point individually and process the responses on your end. This way, you can make multiple API calls asynchronously or in parallel to improve efficiency.
Consider implementing a caching mechanism to store the responses from previous API calls. If you frequently request data for the same points or areas, you can cache the results and retrieve them from your cache instead of making additional API calls, thus reducing costs and improving response times.