@korina Hi there. I waited for my 10am update on the files and hoped that glitch had sorted itself out and it duly did. I´m afraidf i have no photos to share but it was between Friday 12:00GMT and about 15:00GMT the low pressure in the mid atlantic would make an massive movement (200nms) to the South East and the front with the associated low would also jump around 100nms to the east. It was as if it was missing out a 12 or 24hr time slot and it was jumping from Friday midday to Friday midnight in one frame. With the latest updates in the charts it has sorted itself out. The front and low transition smoothly through the screens. Sorry for my delay in replying and thanks for asking. I have used Windy for several years and it was the first time i had seen this irratic jump. It was not on the GFS files and so was wondering what the real story was. Many thanks,