@ivo When I go to your most recent reply to me, click reply, it goes to full screen, will not let me type anything! So I'm trying this. I have IE 11.0 (but don't use it, I hate Microsoft...). Yes, windy.com opens normally in IE 11..0. If FF 57.0.2, Ctrl-Shift-K does nothing in windy.com. It does in most other web sites. But going to tools-web developer I got this
0_1514313635513_FF 57.0.2 web developer screen shot.JPG
My java version is up to date, and java is enabled in Firefox.

Repeating, I could live with a hotkey to go full screen, if there is such a thing. I'm a commercial wildlife survey pilot in Alaska, and rely on windy.com for organizing aerial survey projects. It's a great site, I'd pay for it!