I think the Windy point of view is totally correct:

*"Windy uses data from Open Street Maps for our base maps.
What is on OSM, we use. If you think that something is not correct, please report it at www.openstreetmap.org or correct it.

Also we are aware that there is a lot of wars and territorial disputes all over the world. [...]

We are focused on good weather product and we have absolutely no resources to present different maps to different countries.
Please accept it."*


It´s understandable that some people will be offended, but the way to change it is through OSM. Better that than no windy maps ;)

Also, windy has no obligation to provide politically correct information. It´s just a tool, if it´s useful use it, if it´s not accurate enough for your useage, then use something else.

P.D. I´m just a user and in no way afliated to anybody.