@tz In this case maybe it would be better to have "Ceiling" word despite of the currently used "Cloud base", if the data is ceiling data that Windy got directly from ECMWF. Because Cloud base means the first cloud layer that can be also lower extent than 50%, in aviation it can be written like FEW (1-2/8 octas) / SCT (3-4/8 octas), in the METARs at the airports we can find these informations. Regarding the Ceiling, it can be from BKN (5-7/8 octas) to OVC (8/8 octas) types, because these two are covers more than 50% of the sky, so either BKN or OVC is depicted in a METAR this will be a "Ceiling". And this difference between Cloud base and Ceiling is very important according to my opinion.
I think maybe in this case it would not be so confusing, if you would change its name to "Ceiling" on Windy Meteogram.
What do you think about that? @TZ @Korina @ivo