This feature is not available in Windy. Wind barbs have not been the choice of Windy developers.
This graphical way, to show both the direction and speed of wind, were specially useful when weather maps were printed in black, but much less with digital weather maps.
Wind barbs show the wind direction same as wind particles do in Windy. They don’t do it better.
Concerning the wind speed, wind barbs give a 5kt speed span. The weather picker in Windy is more precise with 1kt step.
What is difficult for me is to visualise the overall wind speed from the colors of the map layer according to the color scale legend. For this reason I have customised on my side the speed scale and calibrated it in Beaufort units, without smoothing.
At a glance I know the direction and the wind force.

Capture d’écran 2021-10-05 à 13.42.30.png