First of all, please start to check the posts published on this forum and discussing rainfall forecast.
Example : https://community.windy.com/topic/13586/about-rain-calculate/2?_=1602329137551
There are many others, use the advanced search tool to fine them and to read them. You will find a lot of advices.
Principles are always the same :

compare the different models to verify the consistency within the forecast from the different models. It is a kind of statistic approach to give you a level of confidence don’t look only the meteogram which is focus on one location. You should check with the Windy rain map, the rain forecast in an area of let’s say 20km around the location. Often, models foresees no rain at the location but for instance 5mm at only 10km from the location. Thereofore risk is high to get rain at the location.
Combining 1) and 2) should tell you the probability of getting rain or not