Hi windy.com Thanks for an amazing app. My name is Odd karl stangnes yes Odd is my first name an it's normal in Norway. Im having a adveture/ expetition on 70.degrees north living all by my self on a shear 250m long and 100m wide and 12 m high. Have a look at "mannen på skjæret" at Facebook or "aleneihavgapet" on blogg.no I have built å Cabin, it's 10 squere meters and i will live in this cabin and stay at this shear for 365 days whitout leaving the shear. Your info at windy.com specialy about the wawesize is gold for me. This project is quait special and none have done this before. Im learning from every day and hope also to learn your app 100 procent too. The most importert info for me is wavesize against the shear specialy from north and East. The name of the shear is SKJÆRVØYSKJÆRET, North of the Island Skjervøy in the northern part of Norway. If you can help me with more details please do not hesitate to have contact with me at my email oddkarlstangnes@gmail.com.