@gabou971 Hello, you are correct, this app has come a long way and is now really nice and functional. The addition of lightning is awesome and I like the combination of lightning and radar as it animates. However, just wondering if you could do 2 things to enhance the lightning...1.) have option to display the lightning by itself and 2.) On a static lightning map have the lightning strikes change colors with time. Strikes of 1 minute or less (flashing white), 1 minute - 10 minutes (white), 10 - 20 min old (yellow), 20 - 30 min old (aqua), 30 - 40 min old (green), 40 - 50 min old (red), 50 - 60 min old (magenta), 60 - 70 min old (gray). By changing the colors with time, a person can see the movement of the lightning & storm cell without even animating. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work!