@jrowland Hi, if you want to hide controls, it is not possible on the regular web page. But there is another trick. You can use our embedded page. It allows you to hide all the controls. You can do it with following steps:

Open menu (three bars in the upper left corner) Select "Tools/menu" Select "Embed widget on page" and then "Animated map" Now you should see the form with embed settings. You can customize the view and also check "hide controls" (thats exactly what you want) Now comes the magic. If you are skilled in web development, you can copy-paste the iframe code in the bottom of the screen to your web page. If you are not, just copy the text between quotation marks that follows src= part of the code and paste it to your browser address bar.
Example of the copy-pasted text: https://embed.windy.com/embed2.html?lat=29.037&lon=-95.339&zoom=6&level=surface&overlay=wind&menu=true&message=&marker=&forecast=12&calendar=now&location=coordinates&type=map&actualGrid=&metricWind=kt&metricTemp=°C