@idefix37 Ha! Thank you - that makes things a bit more clear...

I think that 16°W boundary might be explained by that reference, it seemed like this was probably based on a particular satellite view.

I’m not sure the data questions are, though.

What I see over the last 36 hours or so is that the data for my region (visible, 42°N, 72°W) seems now just to not be current, consistently 25-30m ago the animation “freezes”. So now that I know you have a data pipeline doing some rather intensive processing of the data, I wonder if it’s “behind”? I also noticed an update a few minutes ago while looking at the page, and it appeared that it may have been another frame, but stamped still from about half an hour ago. I wonder if something is happening to exceed processing resources, or you’re still catching up from some point over the weekend, or a node offline, etc.

By the way, that reference was to interpolation of the imagery - I does seem to be updated every minute, so I assume that enhancement was released for mobile (at least, iOS), and many thanks for that!

Just to be clear: I assume the satellites are geosynchronous - or is there timing to grab or compute a consistent perspective from several of them? Also, I’m wondering if I see what seems to be an illusion of a z-axis, or whether I actually am able to discern different layers of clouds? It must be that the resolution is very high, or maybe a side-effect of the interpolation?

Very much appreciate the info! Thanks for everything!