@korina I spoke with Google support via chat, the convo is below. Please send me a PM for the relevant details at the bottom.

Google Support

You’re connected with agent Henry C.
7:19 PM
Hi [NAME], welcome to Google Play Support! My name is Henry C. In case you need to refer to this chat interaction in the future, your support ID is 6-1925000031956. How can I help you today?

Henry C · 7:19 PM
Are you able to see the issue description?
I'll repost it here
The developer wishes to refund a purchase made by my second account. When I followed the link in the app to fix a payment method it opened straight to the payment section in google play, but instead of renewing my current subscription it bought a new one on the account google play was defaulted to. I went to their support first but by the time I got an answer the google play refund period had lapsed. See my support ticket here:

https://community.windy.com/topic/18722/there-was-a-problem-with-your-subscription-popup-persists-after-fixing-a-payment-method-in-google-play/6?_=16422051061477:20 PM
Thanks for the detailed information.
However I do not have an access to open the link you have provided.
Henry C · 7:23 PM
Understandable seeing as how I'm a stranger on the internet, but it's also the official site from the developer of the app
If the app is safe enough to be on the play store surely it's also safe for support to visit that website?
If I give you the title of the forum post will that work?
This way you can navigate to the windy community website on your own?
The title is: "There was a problem with your subscription" popup persists after fixing a payment method in google play"
7:27 PM
Well, we cannot access any third party sites from our end.
May I know the name of the subscription?
Henry C · 7:28 PM
I'm not sure what you mean exactly
Windy.com annual subscription perhaps?
GPA.3351-5398-6480-635957:29 PM
Okay let me check with the transaction details from my end.
I have gone through the details and see that the subscription is active.
May I know what exactly you want to look for you?
Henry C · 7:32 PM
Yes I'd like it canceled and refunded please
It purchased a second copy when I already have a subscription on my linked account, [REDACTED]
The developer's in-app "fix payment" link sent me straight to the google play credit card page. There was no indication of what account I was signed into on that page
7:33 PM
I understand that you wants to cancel the subscription from this account and initiate a refund request for the same.
Henry C · 7:34 PM
The devloper reported to me (in the above forum post) that they were unable to go this route and suggested I come here
7:36 PM
Alright! Let me go ahead and try to cancel the subscription for you now, and I will also try to initiate a refund request for you.
Henry C · 7:36 PM
7:37 PM
Just to give you a quick heads up, you see, since app developers are the content owners, they keep the rights to their app and content management including refunds.
Having said that, I can go ahead and check the refund eligibility within the system. If that doesn't work, then I will guide you with what exactly has to be done to sort it. Would that be okay?
Henry C · 7:40 PM
Sounds like a plan
I imagine that the system will kick it back with how much time has passed
It took 17 days for the developer to reply to their support ticket so I've been getting auto rejection emails when I try to send it through on my end.
7:42 PM
I understand but this is not in our hands to refund the amount as the funds are already paid to the app developer we need to try to pull the funds back within the system. If system is unable to pull back the funds for you then you need to contact the app developer as they are responsible for the content management and refunds.
Shall I proceed?
Henry C · 7:45 PM
It's worth a shot. Yes please
In the case that it doesn't work what can I do to help them other than the above refund and revoke support page I sent? Is there any reason a developer wouldnt be able to refund via that process? I started this support chat on their recommendation since they said they were unable to.
7:48 PM
I tried my best but it did not work in our favor. Looks like it did not go through as per the refund policies :
Here is what needs to be done.
All you gotta do is share the below factors with the app developers directly and they will look into it for you:

Transaction Id. Email account. Make and model of the device. Let them know that you've checked with Google for a refund and we were unable to provide you with one.